The impact of blogs on sales. Example

    Increasingly, Russian companies begin to conduct corporate blogs: not understanding the goals, not setting any goals and not introducing performance monitoring systems. Someone follows fashion, someone their competitors: they say they have it, even if we have it .

    But blogging can and should affect sales. And it affects.

    A small example. On June 15, a topic was published about payment for housing services (Moscow) - 0% . He appeared on the main Habr, then disappeared from her. As a result, I scored not so many views: 4 590 .

    And here is how the publication affected the payment of housing services (Moscow). Just a few numbers :
    • Payment of housing services (Moscow) from June 01 to June 14 - 3.8 million rubles,
    • Payment of housing services (Moscow) from June 15 to 28 - 8.0 million rubles.
    For reference, the figures for May and April 2010 amounted to about 8 million rubles for each month.

    I could give similar statistics following other publications, for example, connecting online stores to QIWI Wallet, selling Russian Railways tickets, QIWI Visa Virtual, QIWI Wallet to freelancers, and so on.

    Measuring the effectiveness of such communication only by sales would be fundamentally wrong, blogs have many advantages. But sales are one of the most important evaluation criteria.


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