Chrome first overtook Safari in the US browser market

    StatCounter has issued a press release stating that Google Chrome first overtook Apple Safari in the US for a weekly statistics. According to StatCounter Global Stats , last week Chrome moved Safari from third place.

    Aodan Cullen, chief executive of StatCounter, said it was a very good result for Chome to gain nearly ten percent of the market in just two years.

    Chrome with 8.97% now ranks third in the US market, while Safari with 8.88% is fourth. Internet Explorer still dominates - it has 52% of the market, and Firefox takes the second place with 28.5%.

    In the global market, Chrome has long overtaken Safari - it has 9.4%, while Safari - 4%, Internet Explorer - 53%, Firefox - 31%.

    For Russia, the picture now looks somewhat different. Firefox ranks first with 32.1%, IE with 29.71% and Opera c 28.48% in second and third places. Fourth place goes to Chrome with 7%.

    StatCounter’s weekly statistics are based on an analysis of 3.6 billion page views from over 3 million sites.

    UPD: slightly updated .

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