Ways to get an RBK Money Extended Wallet

    In total, there are two types of wallets in our system - with standard and advanced functionality. The main advantages that an extended type of wallet provides are:
    • the ability to withdraw money from the system
    • exchange for other electronic currencies
    • increase of the limit for replenishing an account with a bank card
    • more favorable rate for transferring funds to other users

    A standard wallet is registered literally in a minute - you need to enter an e-mail, name, date of birth, two passwords - to enter and to make a payment and answer to a secret question. After that, you need to go to the authorization link sent to e-mail, after which you can start using the wallet.

    However, getting an extended wallet often raises questions. We will try to describe this process in detail.
    Firstly, the identification procedure is different for citizens and non-citizens of the Russian Federation.

    If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, you must select the third item on the list. You will be asked to send three images: passport - pages with a photo and registration address, as well as your photo with a passport open on the photo page. Identification takes up to 3 business days.

    For citizens of the Russian Federation, the authorization procedure is different - through any bank or branch of the Russian Post. These types of identification are paid, the cost is 45 rubles.

    When identifying an account through a bank, it is necessary to refund from your electronic wallet to a bank account - a random amount will be transferred upon confirmation of payment. After that, you need to contact the bank and find out the exact amount received on the account, and then enter it in the proposed field. If the amount is correct, the wallet status will be automatically changed to Advanced.


    When identifying a wallet through the post office, you make a withdrawal to the post office. A random amount will be transferred to you. After 2-3 days, you should receive a notice of postal transfer. Contact the post office and find out the exact amount of the payment, then enter it in the appropriate field in your personal account along with the control number - the numbers indicated in the check in the "Message" column.


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