New Flickr Design

    imageFlickr is testing a new design, which he writes about on his blog.

    • The standard photo size is now 640 pixels instead of the previous 500. Many expected this, because a 500-pixel photo looked very lonely on large monitors.
    • The layout and arrangement of elements in the sidebar has changed dramatically.
    • Information about when and on which camera the photo was taken is located immediately below the name of its author. Even lower is a map showing the place of shooting.
    • Tags are displayed as a single line, rather than as a list, thus using the larger sidebar more efficiently.
    • Improved (although this is a matter of taste and habit), but certainly - faster and more responsive photo navigation.
    • The ability to view photos on a black background and in the highest possible resolution with one click.
    • When someone adds a photo to Favorites, his name is displayed in the list of comments for the photo (earlier in the sidebar they simply wrote how many people added the photo to favorites).
    • The title has been moved down below the photo. In my opinion, the solution is not the best; most likely, this was done so that as few elements as possible are located above the photo and so that it fits on the first screen on laptops and small monitors.
    • Buttons with various functions also disappeared above the photo, they were driven into the Actions drop-down menu.
    • The Blog this button has turned into the Share menu, which now offers not only to send a photo to one of your blogs, but also immediately give an html-code for insertion (previously only via the All Sizes link).
    • Now, right on the Share menu, you can get a short link to a photo of the form , before that you had to pretend that you want to send the link to the photo on Twitter and only copy the short link in a new window. True, I managed to generate a short link in a new way only to the last two photos uploaded after the start of testing the new design.
    • The size of the photo with a large edge of 640 pixels has also become available for insertion into blogs.

    To look at the new design, you need to log in to Flickr and click on the offer to participate in the testing that will appear on any photo (direct link: ). Or look under the cat.

    It was: It became: In general, I like the new Flicrk design. The photo takes the main place on the page and distracts from its viewing less details, although all the necessary information is still present. How about you?



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