How to teach Windows Search to search for information in pictures

    Some time ago we already wrote about one of the options for using ABBYY Recognition Server, today we will tell you about one more. Everyone knows the wagging tail dog that appears in Windows XP when you press F3. Behind it lies the convenient search service Windows Search, which allows you to find files lost on your computer by name, and sometimes by content. Windows Content Search is by default only supported for text file formats.

    We recently released the new ABBYY Recognition Server IFilter product.- a special addition to Windows Search, which helps this search service index files of graphic formats - TIFF, JPEG, PDF, etc., stored on a computer so that you can easily find them later using full-text search. To extract text from image documents, ABBYY Recognition Server installed on the corporate network is used.

    This system works like this:

    IFilter, a small lightweight application that can transfer images to a remote ABBYY Recognition Server and receive recognized text from there, is installed on employees' work computers. Windows Search can be configured to index specific folders and mailboxes on a computer. All text documents and letters from the selected folders are searched by Windows Search, and all images found in these folders and attachments in the letters are transferred via IFilter to Recognition Server for recognition. Recognized text is returned back to the computer and added to the index - the image becomes available for full-text search.


    IFilter itself consumes a minimum of system resources - all resource-intensive processes occur on a server on a corporate network. Copies of images are stored on the server only during recognition, after recognition they are deleted from the server.

    Well, a nice bonus - IFilter can automatically filter out photos (so as not to torment the server by recognizing the beauties of Egypt and Turkey).

    Update at the request of readers: the application runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP :)

    Vera Serova
    Technology Product Analyst

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