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    The company Microsoft continues to indulge gamers interesting events. Those who have been actively following the news from the past E3 2010 know that the powerful corporation made several crazy announcements at the exhibition. Firstly, a new, “glossy” version of the Xbox360 was introduced . Secondly, Western journalists finally, with their own hands, "felt" a new "jig-jump" miracle - Kinect. Well, for Russian gamers, we are sure that the most important news was the announcement of the long-awaited launch (this fall!) Of the Xbox Live service in Russia .

    We could not leave the dry prelude out of the brackets, because Microsoft invited gamers to their own press conference in a wonderful place - Marriott Royal Aurora. On June 23, at 11:30, representatives of the company, with rainbow smiles on their faces and a burning heart in their chests, will tell in detail not only about the above-mentioned snacks, but also, of course, about the games that are going to be released.

    We agreed without hesitation, and, in turn, we invite the inhabitants of Those wishing to attend this event are advised to follow here .

    We remind you that the event will be held at the following address: Moscow, ul. Petrovka, 11/20, Marriott Royal Aurora, Petrovsky Hall.

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