Mobile Opera has got free VPN


    A week ago (February 7), Opera announced the start of testing a VPN browser built into Android browser. Users participating in beta testing have already had the opportunity to test a new feature .

    Why is this necessary?

    • VPN will protect your personal data from intruders when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. If you used to use special VPN applications, perhaps even paid ones, you can refuse them.
    • VPN in Opera is provided without registration, which means that the company does not collect information about traffic passing through the servers.
    • VPN makes it difficult for websites to determine your real location and device identification.

    The reason why we enable this VPN functionality in the browser is that VPN provides you with an additional level of protection that users would like to have for their daily work with a mobile device.

    - Opera blog , Alejandro Viquez

    How it works?

    When you turn on VPN, Opera replaces your IP address with a virtual one. You can choose automatic tuning for better performance or choose the region of your interest, for example, to get more relevant search results.

    By the way, Opera recently introduced a cookie dialog blocker that blocks pop-up pop-up windows that request consent. A very useful thing in the household, when you often use foreign sites - in favor of the GDPR, the latter have massively acquired dialogues about setting cookies and using Non-PII.

    upd: empirically it turned out that in Russia the feature is available only in the incognito mode.

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