Goal setting. Part 1


    It is known that goals are large and small, far-sighted and short-term. Moreover, a large one may well turn out to be short-term and vice versa. But I would like to talk about the “dream goal,” as I call it. What is it and why can it be useful to humans?

    All of us are unconditionally dreaming of something. Someone wants to buy a car, someone dreams about moving to a new apartment, someone about a promotion. If you go over the so-called “wish-lists” of various users on the Internet, you can make sure that their dreams consist mainly of one phrase. This phrase, of course, is key and gives an idea of ​​what a person wants. But is this complete enough?

    Now in order

    Imagine we set a goal to go abroad. Everything is very clear. Suppose we even chose a country and a city where we want to move (Los Angeles, USA). From this moment, every day, we will perform certain actions to achieve it. It is worth noting that with a clearly defined goal, we, as a rule, do not make any additional efforts if they are not required to achieve it. This is the main mistake in setting the goal.

    Goal requires description

    At first glance, a detailed description of the goal may seem like a futile exercise, however, such a representation is erroneous. Thinking about any goal, in our head appears its image, its result. Usually, this is a colorful picture with many details that, in the process of thinking, replace each other every second. Here the dog is buried. The fact is known that our short-term memory is able to remember on average up to 7 things. That is why it is so easy to forget to buy something in a store without having a list of products with you. The same thing happens with the result of the goal. The main result is always in the head, but the details are either remembered or forgotten. Having written them, you will not forget to take care of them.

    A dream comes true

    Continue to dream about Los Angeles. At some point, we still got there and immediately encountered difficulties. Why so fast? Because we did not dream of their absence. It was worth dreaming not only about moving, but also that upon arrival, we will settle in a comfortable place for us in a good area, that we will live near transport, that we will have a favorite job, and not some for the first time that near the house there will be a gym, if we prefer to play sports and so on. Having set a “goal-dream”, you should describe all the nuances necessary for your comfort and for the result to really turn out to be significant. Only in this case, in the process of achieving the goal, will you make the necessary additional efforts,

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