Yota is set to capture the entire mobile Internet market

    Yota plans to launch a new 4G - LTE high-speed network in Kazan and then in five more cities of Russia. At the same time, the company confirms the full seriousness of its intentions and determination to introduce innovations with financial results.

    For the first year in five cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, the company earned $ 85 million, which is comparable to VimpelCom’s profits in the mobile Internet sector.

    Satisfied with the work of Yota and Ilya Segalovich, Yandex Technical Director: “Yota earned $ 85 million a year on cheap internet - kick OPSOSam, whose strategy is porn, counterfeit and SMS fraud”

    And most importantly, Yota does not charge for Internet traffic, but charges a subscription fee for unlimited tariff plans. Users have long been tired of thinking about whether to watch videos on the mobile Internet, or to postpone them until watching at home, download updates to the OS, or do it later. Operators selling 1MB for 5 rubles will simply give the entire Yota market, which only users will benefit from. Meanwhile, Beeline decided to launch its own unlimited Internet. According to a source at VimpelCom, the company expects “if you don't blow it up, then change the market drastically.” They promise to keep the subscription fee at this rate up to three thousand rubles.

    According to the media. © Lifehacker.

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