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    Some time ago, our company conducted a test of the Avto Mail.Ru project for ease of acquiring the required car on it. In fact, it turned out testing of two tasks: finding a link to the Auto project on and searching for a car in this project.

    Perhaps some of the results of this testing will be of interest to the owners of other resources ...

    Task completion time

    The graph shows the time (in seconds) required by the respondents to complete each
    *) the time to complete the task was considered from the moment the page was loaded until the click on the “right” link.

    Pay attention to the significant variation in the time between tasks
    by the respondents. Such a spread of time and a sufficiently large average time required to
    complete the task, as a rule, indicate a certain unintuitiveness of the interface.

    Fulfillment of the first task: search for the section of Auto Mail.Ru

    Maps of perception of the main page of the portal when searching for the desired project are
    presented below. Maps by the number of views show where in the page
    respondents searched for a link to an automobile project; maps by percentage of time spent
    show which places on the page attracted attention during this search.

    Attention maps of the main page of the site when searching for a link to the project
    Test report on project by eye-tracker.ruTest report on project by
    Heatmap by the number of views in the first 10 secondsHeat map by percentage of time spent in the first 10 seconds
    Test report on project by eye-tracker.ruTest report on project by
    All time views heatmapHeatmap for the percentage of time spent for the whole time
    Test report on project by
    The graph of views in the first 5 seconds

    It can be seen from the above maps that when searching for the right link, the respondents' attention is mainly
    concentrated in the center of the page, on the news block, especially since there is a “Auto” tab there.
    Moreover, a second click on this tab leads the visitor to the desired site, but the
    respondents are not aware of this, since there are no tips on this topic anywhere.

    We would recommend adding explicit links to thematic sections of the portal in all areas
    that can attract visitors interested in this topic. In the case of the
    Avto Mail.Ru section , such sections are the auto news (the link is, but not highlighted in any way), the
    automobile section of the thematic catalog of sites, the section of auto products in the project It also makes sense to display the site Avto@mail.Ru in the first place with suitable
    search queries.

    Test report on project by

    For more information about the order and features of viewing the page, we
    identified areas of interest on it and calculated the following indicators for each of these areas:

    · Time to first fixation in this area
    · Number of fixations on the page until first fixation in this area
    · Time from first fixation before the first click
    · Number of commits
    · Number of views (viewing is a series of consecutive commits that lie entirely
    within this area).
    · The number of respondents who paid attention to this area

    The data were used not median values, but medians - i.e. the arithmetic average of
    two average respondents for this indicator (our practice shows that such an assessment
    gives the most adequate results in cases where the respondents have a wide variation in the
    time taken to complete the tasks).

    Top MenunewsCatalogSectionsadsRest
    Time to first fixation (sec) 3.1 0.6 9.9 2.9 16.5 0.1
    Fixings to this area 22 2 27.5 7.5 47 0
    Time from commit to click (sec) 33.4 15.3 13.6 72.6 3.79
    Number of fixations 1 23.5 5 14 0.5 35.5
    Number of views 1 8 2 4 0.5
    Saw respondents 5 10 4 9 1 10

    A brief summary of the results and recommendations

    All respondents completed the tasks, but some of them needed a hint from the operator so
    that they stayed on the tested portal and did not go to other resources.

    So, out of 10 respondents, four independently found a link in the project section, one clicked on the
    “Car Sales Announcements” link, two went to the auto section in the sites catalog, one
    used the Internet search to find the required car, one switched to the
    Goods @ Mail project . Ru to the auto products section and one got to the Auto Mail.Ru project by double-clicking on a
    tab in the news section.

    Thus, out of 10 respondents, only 6 were able to independently find the required project, and three
    almost immediately went to third-party resources.

    It should be noted that most respondents opened the tab with auto news, but only
    one guessed that a second click on this tab would open the corresponding section of the portal.

    You can view the entire report at

    Additional materials :

    Dynamic fog mask of the search process on the page links to the project Auto Mail.Ru:

    Dynamic foggy mask of the search process on the page links to purchase
    a Peugeot 308 car with mileage:

    Recording a test session of one of the respondents:

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