Heroes of Might and Magic Online. Play but not us

    A few words in the preface ...

    Heroes of Might and Magic online combines all the classic elements of the usual Heroes. Character creation and gameplay are predictable enough for those who have ever played MMORPG: When creating a character, you can choose one of 8 races, choose a man or woman, mage or warrior. In the game, you can upgrade your own castle, build and capture others in the future, hire creatures for grand battles that take place, as in the third part of the Heroes series. There are battles in the arena against each other (PvP), participation in battles for titles and guild battles. And of course, you can go through quests and kill mobs in huge numbers. Performing missions and fighting rivals, you will receive the resources necessary to strengthen the army and build the castle.

    And it would seem that nothing portended trouble ...

    Since the start of the game on May 7, a lot of players have participated in the game in closed beta testing. The administration conducted surveys of players to identify and eliminate errors, as well as to create an ergonomic and simple interface.
    Corrections were added to the gameplay itself to stabilize and balance the game. The result was a qualitatively new look of Heroes, combining the characteristics of the previous games of the series and completely new chips specific to MMORPG. The game turned out to be quite myself, I tell you, standing, and the dimensions of the game universe are impressive (even the most active players could not determine its approximate size for that past month).
    What is most interesting - in a closed test, I personally observed the most players from Russia and the CIS countries (Or we were just the noisiest).

    Official game clip:

    - “Wait!”
    - Wait ...

    Indeed, there are now “Heroes of Might and Magic Online”, but getting into the game is not so easy.
    Today at 5:00 AM (GMT), the game Heroes of Might and Magic Online switched to open beta testing. And it would seem to have become available to everyone, but on the basis of a TQ Digital Entertainment contract with Ubisoft, the game has limitations: outside of Asia, the game will be impossible and IP “out of reach” will be blocked.

    But no one has yet canceled proxy servers and VPNs ...

    Official site: Heroes of Might and Magic Online
    Russian community: hommrus.ru

    I think that, like a brick for reckless ones, IP blocking will not be an obstacle for real fans

    UPD. We tried to enter the game from different IPs. Some were let in (from Belarus and Russia), we hope that the Chinese have lost sight of something, and yet it will be possible to play without unnecessary tricks

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