Chromium 6.0.429.0 vs Opera 10.60 Alpha 1

    The network has a lot of rumors about the first alpha version of the new Opera 10.60. Including the fact that she is doing a performance similar to Chrome at the development stage.

    So I heard, and of course, hands and feet fingers in the keyboard, downloaded and started testing.
    Futuremark Peacekeeper test was chosen as a testing service. Opera 10.60 Alpha 1 itself was downloaded and installed. In contrast to it, the latest (at that time) Chromium 6.0.429.0 build was downloaded because Opera has no initial stages of development like Chromium, then the first alpha version corresponds to the assemblies of Chromium. Further, quite predictable results:


    As can be seen from the results of Chromium more than 700 parrots ahead of Opera. You could put an end to this, close your eyes to all the details and live in peace, but I will go further and try to delve deeper into the problem.

    Chromium performance by category:


    As you can see, Chromium leads in two categories: work with graphics and data. Moreover, when working with data, the gap is huge, which determines the total victory over the Opera.

    Well, to cover everything, let’s take a look at the opera:


    Here, among the clearly strengths of the Opera, we can single out work with text. The gap is substantial. Well, a completely predictable superiority (although not so much) in the rendering of pages.

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