Up to 40% of the cost of a car is electronics and software

    Five years ago, analysts predicted that by 2010, electronics and software would account for up to 40% of the cost of a car ( PDF ). What is the situation in reality - it’s hard to say, automakers do not disclose cost data, this is a trade secret. But we can assume that the figure is close to reality, at least, it is referred to by IBM , which discusses the prospects for the participation of computer companies in the automotive industry.

    IBM experts say that in 1990, electronics and software made up no more than 16% of the cost of the machine, in 2001 - 25%, and today this share has grown to 40%. Automotive computers are an industry with exponential growth that will continue for many more years as automobiles become smarter and smarter. It is in this direction that manufacturers are fighting for a competitive advantage.

    An average modern car contains several million lines of code — more than a space shuttle. In premium cars, the software volume is about 1 gigabyte.

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