WebMoney Root Certificate Expiration - What To Do

    This information applies to everyone who somehow needs access to the protected pages of WebMoney services , but who for some reason did not read the news on our website)

    on June 7 (that is, right today) the validity period of the previous WebMoney Transfer root certificate expires. We strongly recommend downloading a new certificate and installing it on servers that use XML interfaces.
    We remind you that the WebMoney root certificate is needed for site authentication when establishing a secure connection using the HTTPS protocol.
    The latter is Chinese ... that is, we remind again and again to Keeper Light users that their current personal certificates are also valid until 06/07/2010 - because they were issued on behalf of the root certificate, which expired.

    The topic is described in detail in this article .
    During the installation of WM Keeper Classic, the root certificate is installed automatically. In this case, it is placed in the certificate store of Internet Explorer. Instructions for setting certificates for different browsers can be found here .
    And - yes, if you wisely installed the latest version of Keeper Classic , then you do not need to renew the certificate - a new certificate has already been added to version

    PS With regards to the new certificate for light, it will be valid for 2 years, and not for a year, as before. We hope this makes life easier for Light users.
    You can read about how to renew a personal certificate for WM Keeper Light, as well as what to do if it is expired, here .

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