Kyuubi is not only valuable microservices, but also a search engine

    Last month, Kyuubi turned one year old, and I think it's time to talk about what has been done and what remains to be done. It so happened that for the past six months I have been busy with my other projects, which did not allow me to fully develop Kyuubi, but this did not stop me from introducing a number of innovations into it over the past few weeks.

    Kyuubi search

    The key decision was to develop Kyuubi as a search engine. Already, the number of search queries per day has crossed the psychological barrier of 1000, and, by agreement with Yandex, search monetization has begun. Monetization takes place with little blood - through contextual advertising.

    In connection with this decision, we are building ambitious plans: to increase the number of search queries by 10 times and enter the top 10 search engines in Belarus.

    The first thing that was done in the search engine was the correction of errors in queries, search hints and displaying icons of found sites. But this seemed to me not enough, and I added some interesting and useful features.


    Perhaps I will tell you first about them. Advisers are engaged in parallel searches in various additional sources and, if they find something, give the user an additional result at his request: whether it is a translation of the requested words, a place on the map (for Minsk) or the user's IP address. The closest analogue of advisers is Yandex magicians. Counselors like to advise and respond to certain words in the request: all kinds of variations of the "street", "translation" or "IP address" in Russian and Belarusian.

    advisor my ip
    counselor cartographer
    translation advisor


    Snippet is an excerpt. In the case of a search, this is an excerpt of text from a site with keywords highlighted in it. In the case of Kyuubi, we made additional snippets, which are short plates with maps, giving information about more than 1,500 establishments in Belarus. Most of the establishments are entertaining, as Kyuubi receives information about them from the popular site . According to statistics, such snippets are clicked twice as often, so partnership is beneficial for both projects.

    moncafe snippet

    Search by guest

    Probably, many people know that Beltelecom and its trademark byfly are the largest provider in Belarus. One of the important features of Bayfly is that he provides unlimited access to all sites physically located in the Belarusian data center (guest access). The number of searches on this “Internet on the Internet” is estimated at 40-50 thousand searches per day, which represents 3-5% of the total search traffic in Belarus.

    Now Kyuubi enters this market as a full-fledged search engine, which has the most relevant and currently saturated index among all players. At launch, Kyuubi has several thousand guest sites in the database, while the search engine that is now popular has just a few hundred.

    From now on, we will develop a search, including a search in Belarus and, in particular, by guest, as a priority for Kyuubi. The emphasis in the development of the service will be placed on maximum convenience and usefulness specifically for Belarusian users.


    And finally, I would like to return to the birthday :) Still, Kyuubi turned one year old, and this is a good reason to give gifts! As we know, there are many bloggers or authors writing for a wide variety of sites among Kyuubi users, so it was decided to play 15 branded Kyuubikruzhek for the best reviews. The competition will run until June 10, after which three popular Belarusian bloggers will choose the winners who will receive cube gifts. cube mug

    Thanks to everyone who was with Kyuubi this year! Thanks to the Habrovsk people who so well accepted our first publication! Thanks to everyone who stays with us! Remember, Kyuubi is always open to new friends.

    Let's be friends!

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