Virtual QIWI VISA has become replenished

    imageQIWI VISA virtual card is the issuance of one card every 30 seconds and a monthly turnover of more than 60 million rubles .

    If QIWI Wallet is a payment for services and purchases on RuNet, then QIWI VISA Virtual is payments on the Internet around the world. Virtual Visa has several undeniable advantages:
    • A card can be bought in one minute at the nearest QIWI terminal - without queues and documents
    • The card is safe, ( there is simply nothing to steal from it ) since it is bought exactly for the amount that is needed for a particular purchase
    • Using QIWI VISA, you do not jeopardize your credit and salary cards
    The commission, at first glance, is not the smallest - 5.26%. But if you remember that buying ordinary electronic money is often more expensive, + take into account the versatility of the card (a kind of payment window to the World) - the commission becomes quite adequate. And on some transactions, even with this level of commission, we not only do not earn, we lose money.

    However, for a long time it was considered one of the drawbacks of the card, the impossibility of replenishing it: money was paid to the card 1 time during registration, and then it was only spent. Especially often they swore with bad words, it was insulting to those who deposited a certain amount on a card for a certain purchase - but there was not enough money , due to exchange rate differences or a slight rise in price.

    Now this minus in QIWI Visa is gone. The card can be replenished during the entire validity period - within three months from the date of purchase.
    You can top up your card through the QIWI Wallet website . The replenishment option is available if you have a valid card. Commission for replenishment - the same as for a purchase.
    I remind you that you can top up your Wallet in QIWI terminals, for a sum of 500 rubles or more - without commission .

    Card replenishment process:
    1. Click on the card you would like to replenish:
    2. Enter the amount you need: A

    replenished card is an additional advantage:
    1. It will be possible to replenish the card for any amount - from one to 15,000 rubles
    2. User accounts will no longer be blocked on those Internet resources where fraud monitoring limits the number of registrations of new cards per account
    3. Safety does not suffer either, because you can replenish the card immediately before purchase and strictly for the amount you need
    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions that have helped make QIWI VISA better.

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