Make your own firmware for Nokia 5530

    Have you waited?
    Yesterday, a beta release of editing software was released, that is, creating your own personal firmware for Nokia 5530 (the author does not exclude the possibility of editing firmware for Nokia 5800, 5230, X6 - the program has not been verified on these models). The program, as noted above, is under development, a sea of ​​functions will be added, and a Pro version of the program will also be released , for more "advanced" users, where you can edit any firmware settings. Under the cat are a few screenshots, program features, instructions and, of course, links.

    MYF (Make Your Firmware) for Symbian OS 9.4 - this is the name the author called his program with.

    Next, I show screenshots, in principle, which describe all the features of the program.

    Well, then the final stage of a kind of “compilation” of our new firmware, which you can safely sign by% username% , is filmed. In addition to the settings you select above, such tweaks are automatically applied:

    • JAVA Extended Caps
    • Audio Codecs N97
    • ScriptInit changed
    • Unnecessary applications from the download removed
    • SMS sending on first power off ...
    • Browser cache transferred to drive E: \
    • Phone Russian is set by default
    • Phone performance improved
    • Extra languages ​​removed
    • Browser bookmarks deleted
    • FOTA space reduced
    • The compression ratio of the photo is reduced
    • Russian language standard dictionary loaded
    • SIS application transfer allowed
    • Home screen icons changed

    Instruction manual

    • Extract the entire contents of the archive to the folder with Nokia Editor
    • Open firmware file RM-504_20.0.080_prd.rofs2.V05 using Nokia Editor (Open, then Extract)
    • Run MYF
    • Select Changes
    • Click the “Collect” button in the third step
    • Can close MYF
    • Build the firmware mod using Nokia Editor (Repack)

    In the next version, the author will please us with tooltips for each item, and you yourself can add the programs you need to the firmware.
    Unfortunately, I can’t check the operation of the program itself, for the reason that I threw USB somewhere, but the feedback on the forum is only positive . So go for it!

    And of course - we make backups!

    UPD. v.0.7.b

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