Payoneer cards, who issues?

    imageThe previous news about Payoneer cards aroused genuine interest and a lot of comments, among the comments there were questions - "And who can get a Payoneer card from?" So I decided to spend a bit of my time and make a detailed list of partners of Payoneer who issue cards. But before moving on to the list, I want to tell two relatively recent news from Payoneer:
    1. Recently, the restriction on the work of Payoneer only with American partners has been lifted. if you have your own service and you need to pay money to your partners, you can easily connect to pay with a Payoneer card, if anyone needs a direct email from a Russian-speaking manager, write to the PM.
    2. Over the past months, Payoneer switched to new cards with increased limits, now with a new card you can withdraw $ 2500 from an ATM daily and spend $ 2500 when paying with a card.
    Now, let's move on to the very list of partners because of what this topic was started, we go under the cut and carefully study it.


    banner (Display) Advertising:

    Exchange freelancers:

    Payment gateways (accepting payments):

    Affiliate programs:

    Network Marketing:

    www.etoro .com

    SMS billing:

    Technical support (outsourcing):

    I hope this list will help many decide on the account of receiving a Payoneer card from one of their partner.

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