ASUS Eee Tablet - notebook with 2450 dpi touchscreen

    The Computex exhibition has now started, where all companies showcase their latest products and developments. A lot of new and interesting, a lot of different variations on the theme of tablet PCs (hello iPad). I especially liked the sketch pad from Asus.


    This is ASUS Eee Tablet - a digital “notepad” with a touchscreen of 2450 dpi, pages are scrolled at a speed of 0.1 second, all this on a TFT-matrix without backlighting with 64 gradations of gray. Asus calls his brainchild "the most accurate and sensitive device for taking notes." In addition to the ability to read electronic books, Asus especially emphasizes the ability to compose notes (including sketches, which is especially interesting), supplying tags on the fly, sorting them. Notepad is also equipped with a microSD slot and a 2 megapixel camera, as well as usb for synchronization with a computer. From the battery they promise to work in 10 hours.

    I’ll also add from myself that Asus also showed “an ordinary tablet”, but it is not so interesting. Of course, the Eee Tablet will not replace such a tool as tablets from Wakoma, but to have such a thing on hand, even next to the computer so that you can pick up and scribble in your hand, is interesting. Moreover, the resolution is amazing (as noted on Engadget - only a piece of paper with a pen still has higher resolution).

    UPD: Asus was cunning in part: the 2450 dpi touchscreen is an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 with 2450 pdi sensitivity. And it turned out a minibus, in the form of a built-in media player (we can assume that there is a headphone output).

    UPD2: They promised to launch sales on September, and prices in the range of $ 199 - $ 299.


    UPD3: Engadget postedvideo and photo of a live device. As I understand it - there is no sensitivity to pressing, sorry, very sorry ...

    Another note, offtopic: finally showed a laptop with a MATT screen) If there were more of them (this is me from the design belfry)!

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