New York Mayor Launches Venture Fund for Startups

    Information on TechCrunch Disrupt event was already slipping on Habré - the conference gathering startupers, investors and journalists. So, on May 25, this conference was attended by Michael Bloomberg - one of the richest people in the world and the mayor of New York.

    At the conference, Bloomberg announced the creation of a venture fund with a capital of 22 million dollars, which will invest in IT companies headquartered in New York. The city company Economic Development Corporation will provide $ 3 million to the fund, and the first 19 will be invested by the FirstMark Capital venture capital fund. The first investment from the NYC Entrepreneurial Fund in the amount of $ 300 thousand was received by MyCityWay .

    As they writein AP, this is a message for all geeks: forget the sunny Silicon Valley and launch your startup in New York. According to the mayor himself, during the first quarter of this year, venture investment in New York increased by 19%, while in Silicon Valley and other regions, on the contrary, it decreased.

    The full Bloomberg speech can be found here .

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