How did I publish a newspaper

    It was 4 years and 3 months ago in the city of Makhachkala (RF, Dagestan).
    I decided to release my own newspaper alone and I was 16 years old .

    Money in my pocket was about 10,000 rubles (earned by creating sites).
    Under the cut you can see a small and funny story.


    Yes, that was the first issue.

    I agree, layout is terrible. The front page was generally made up on the last day ... :) The
    layout of the second issue was much better and the cover was colored.

    A small office was rented for only 3,000 rubles a month.
    In the center of the city, along Lenin Street, in the Public House.

    An advertisement was placed on the Ren-TV channel (local broadcasting).
    It seems that 20 outlets of advertising cost 1,500 rubles.
    The clip itself was made in flash + it was also voiced by itself in its teenage voice :)
    Unfortunately, the clip itself is on the old hard drive, which I now have nothing to read.

    At that time I recall three living printing houses in the city.
    With one of them I agreed on 2500 rubles / 999 copies.
    By the way, who does not know, a newspaper with a circulation of up to 1000 copies can be printed without a license.

    With the distribution of print media in Makhachkala the trouble is that Rospechat holds a monopoly, which takes half the cost of publishing. To work with them, it was required at least to be an IP.
    Not a problem! I went to the village (at the place of registration) and registered.
    By the way, for this I had to conduct an emancipation at a notary with one of the parents.
    As a result, an agreement was concluded with Rospechat.

    In general, at that age it was difficult to work with people - they just didn’t understand the joke, as I, little fellow, can publish a newspaper alone ... And I was also embarrassed.

    Somehow, after a couple of years, a man wrote to me. Registering a domain through me.
    I saw that he was my countryman. We talked. It turned out that he worked in the advertising agency where I often visited. I’ll order business cards, then I will place a running line or logo on TV.
    The coolest thing is that he remembered me!
    He says, "I'm sorry, but they laughed at you all over the office." So here ...
    Every now and then, had to catch slanting glances.

    But back to our rams.

    Layout and selection of material
    I myself did this. The work, at first glance, is not difficult, but in fact it is hellish work if you need to fill in all 16 pages yourself in 5 days.
    Information was completely taken from the network.
    The newspaper was in A4 format. I would definitely not be able to handle the A3 format alone.
    Layout at his laptop, sitting in a dull office at a single table.
    Only Adobe InDesign was used from the software, which I mastered while typing by typing :)

    Search for advertisers
    This moment, due to my inexperience, I completely missed.
    As a child, I naively believed that the advertiser himself would find me :)
    There were several places in the newspaper, such as, "your advertisement could have been here."
    Dead number, I'll tell you :)
    Later I learned that only active marketing works well, because even large publications employ managers who call on the list of companies from the yellow pages and offer to be placed.

    The first week after the release of
    Euphoria. Joy. A bit of pride.
    Dad bought a dozen copies, distributed to close relatives.
    My younger brother and I went up to the kiosks a couple of times, asking if the Good News newspaper was for sale?
    By the way, according to the ad that I posted in the first issue, a man called me!
    So someone bought a newspaper, damn it! :)

    When I made up the second issue and carried it to the printing house on a flash drive, my parents dissuaded me.
    It is good, because the probability of a positive development of events was negligible.
    Later, I did not even take the money from Rospechat.

    Yes, I did not make money by releasing this newspaper, but I tried!
    Good to look for reasons! We got up and went to print newspapers!

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