Bing instead of Google

    TS reports that in the upcoming version of the iPhone OS, which will be released in June, the search for Microsoft Bing will replace the usual search from Google. Tech Crunch editors cite “Google’s trusted sources.” By the way, back in January, Business Week wrote that negotiations were ongoing between Microsoft and Apple on this topic.

    Relations between Google and Apple are difficult to give an unambiguous assessment - everyone remembers what happened with the Google Voice application, in addition, Android continues to gain popularity and tickle the nerves of Steve Jobs. The number of applications on the iPhone that are highly dependent on Google is too large for Apple to ignore this (including "native" applications like Maps, Youtube).

    According to rumors, Google pays about $ 100 million annually for the right to be a default search. However, if Microsoft, whose search engine needs intensive PR, wants to offer more, why not consider this proposal?

    So, whether we like it or not, rumors of Apple and MS collaboration continue to multiply. Yesterday, information appeared on the Internet about the possible appearance of Steve Ballmer at WWDC on June 7, but this rumor was quickly refuted by Microsoft itself.

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