(Without) Competent mailing

    I want to tell about the story of what happened to me (and not only to me) literally last night.

    I used to smoke Richmond cigarettes with a cherry flavor, for the simple and banal reason that I liked them (Captain Evidence is delighted with this offer). Inside the packs with these cigarettes there were inserts with numbers. For a long time I did not pay attention to them ...

    Then, out of sheer curiosity, I went to their site (I don’t provide a link, so as not to make unnecessary advertisements, I would find it myself) and looked at what kind of profits a collection of these codes could bring. Actually, I very rarely participate in such events because I am a pragmatic person and I understand that the chance to win something is negligible (if any), but then it dawned on my unforgettable Avos and I decided to participate in the action ( moreover, the cheapest prize they cost was about 35,000 wooden). He began to collect inserts and drive them on the site.
    In fairness, I want to note that I decided everything on this despite a very curved layout of the site and the lack of checking numbers with inserts for duplication (I still wonder why this did not stop me). After making about 70 numbers, I successfully “scored” this business.

    So what is all the same about the topic ?!

    It would seem that the story should have ended on this ... But, this plot turned out to have a rather funny twist!
    On May 27th, at 15:16, I received a letter from the recipient rek at intrareklama.ru (the address is not only given in an unpacked format, but also changed) in which it was reported that Richmond Club had updated the design of its site. I didn’t even want to look at the site, because I just took and deleted the letter.
    Exactly 14 minutes later, a letter came to my mailbox from an unknown recipient with the following, I quote, text:
    You all went to the ass ....
    At first I was surprised at such a strange content. Then, with a look of my brain and looking at the heading of the letter (in particular, the destination), I saw that it was addressed to the same rek at intrareklama.ru. Here you don’t have to be seven peeps in your forehead to understand that those idiots .. the specialists who were involved in this mailing assigned the address for the list rek at intrareklama.ru and indicated the same address as the sender.
    After some time, letters began to arrive with not quite censored content, threats and questions “What do you all want from me ?!” and “What have I done to you ?!”.
    I tried to clarify the situation and wrote a response letter with the following content: The original letter is also slightly edited, in order not to “shine” the mailing address. My letter, unfortunately, had no effect - the letters continued to pour in ...

    Пишите жалобы на admin at richmond-tobacco.com, а не реплайте!
    rek@intrareklama.ru - это адрес рассылки, а не отправителя!

    Since I use Google Mail, for me this “event” was relatively painless - I created a filter and all letters went directly to the trash. But, as a curious person, I periodically looked there.

    And then what happened?

    It would seem that the narrative should end there, but still this story turned out to have another very funny and for most unexpected turn.
    Somewhere after the 150th letter (counted by the number of letters in chains), some savvy individuals began to show quick wits and “business acumen”. As you, dear habruiser (or just a guest), you understand, this situation turned out to be, simply, a gift for those who wanted to make a free newsletter (because any newsletter costs money). Simply put, spam from some members of the newsletter began to pour further! Messages like “Hello, girls!”, “Putin is the shame of the nation” and advertisements for all kinds of obscure products of very dubious origin and quality began to pop up.
    Well, then the google filter (not the one I set up, but the global one) realized that these letters needed to be “repelled” into spam, and even for a while there were letters pouring in, the contents of which stated that the letter could not be delivered to its destination.
    Some time later, letters stopped coming at all. I hope the other mail providers also responded in time and covered up this large mailing chat.
    Another, again, to use this word, a funny fact was that some users, taking advantage of the opportunity, began to ask if anyone won the campaign, but such questions remained unanswered.

    So why did you need to write a topic?

    Conclusion: I personally have already lost all desire to participate in any kind of promotions conducted with the aim of promoting any product. Naturally, if you even thought about it in passing, I advise you not to do it all the same, or at least take a more thorough look at the possibilities of companies that carry out such actions. It was time for me to stop just after seeing the site of the action ...
    In any case, the decision is yours, I just call for caution - take a closer look at what you are subscribing to.
    I would like to advise advertisers to take a closer look at the issue of organizing mailing lists and choosing an artist for this, in my opinion, not quite ethical way of promoting products.

    Small remark

    In this particular situation, everything worked out, but if people who were more serious and technically better savvy took advantage of it, then they would have got a great chance to arrange sending out sniffer links and other nasty things. In this case, information (at best, and in the worst case, money and reputation) would be a lot of money!

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