Evernote Web Client Supports Drag and Drop Files in Chrome and Safari

    Sometimes our developers show us something like that, which makes us sit with our mouths open, look at the monitor, and cannot imagine that this is possible. Today is one of those days. Evernote web client (when working with it through Google Chrome and Safari) was able to add files to notes by simply dragging them from the desktop or from a folder on your computer.

    Advanced Drag-n-drop
    Two drag and drop options are available:
    • Click on the file icon from the computer and drag it directly into the desired notebook from the list in the left pane. So you will create a new note with the attached file in the specified notebook.
    • Create a new one or open an existing note for editing, and then drag the file into it (when you drag the file, a green bar appears at the top of the note with a hint - drop the file directly onto this strip).
    Log in to the Evernote web interface and try it yourself. ”

    Don't forget that users of free accounts can add images, audio recordings and PDF files to notes. Premium users can add any type of file up to 50 megabytes in size.

    This video shows the principle of working with new functionality (the video is in English, but the process is understandable without words).

    Sharing and Collaboration
    The Evernote web interface allows you to open your notebooks for individuals or for everyone. Holders of premium accounts can also give others the right to jointly edit notes in such notebooks. Now added to this is the ability to drag and drop files into open notebooks. Learn more about collaboration functionality here .

    Other browsers
    This feature is currently only supported in Google Chrome and Safari. We will try to implement it in other popular browsers after their more advanced versions appear.

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