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    Visual editor

    In the world of visual editors, there is CKeditor , there is tinyMCE - monstrous, not flexible, it is difficult to change them for the tasks of sites and interfaces. There are small, simple ones, they are often with a terrible design, they are not developed, they are not supported. As a real developer, a few years ago I decided to write my editor and during this time I constantly developed and simplified it. The essence of the editor gradually reduced to simple requirements:
    • it should be beautiful and at the same time unobtrusive, so that it fits into almost any interface without external changes;
    • Necessarily fast and easy, because no one likes to sit even for half a minute while waiting for all buttons and plugins to load;
    • flexible for development, refinement and integration for all possible needs;
    • with a simple and intuitive interface. Ideally, a visual editor is just a text input field, without extra buttons and functions. It's just that people write texts on the web and that’s all they need.

    In my opinion, each of these tasks was solved and this is what came of it: On the site you can touch the editor, try it in action, download for free and freely embed it in your own projects. The editor is written in jQuery, but in an unusual style, not like plugins for this library, it is justified, for two reasons:
    Visual editor

    1. because I wanted to avoid the confusion of many functions and make the code the most flexible;
    2. the editor is not a plugin, but an independent thing in itself.

    Nevertheless, the editor does not require any third-party plug-ins and extensions, you just need to connect the jQuery base file, the editor itself will work.

    Why did you want to share?

    Because I want to improve, I want to reduce errors to zero, so that they simply do not exist. I would like to have a good editor on all sites and there would be no need to suffer with a bunch of different solutions.

    Why is there no “clear Ward” button?

    This is a server-side task, since no one uses this button, ordinary users and even editors, journalists do not understand why it is needed. If it is possible to solve the problem through automatic and software methods - it must be solved by these methods, without shifting to the user.

    Why is there no button or editor extensions?

    This is one of the goals - to remove all unnecessary. Each time, if you want to come up with an extension, you must beat yourself on the hands.

    Will documentation be developed and supplemented?

    Mandatory, including based on feedback and questions.

    Is IE6 supported?

    No, and never will be.

    What is planned to be done in the next version?
    • Localization (English and Russian in one package);
    • Recycle and make it easy to insert and manage tables.

    PS As I wrote above, the Editor wants to do even better, so if someone wants to rewrite a particular function, wants to make a reasonable offer, please join, the editor has a lot to write with suggestions on the site. The author of each change will be marked as a co-author with all relevant links.

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