Microsoft tech support haters dedication

    1. I am not a corporate client, I am a simple user who bought a laptop with Windows 7.
    2. I do not complain, I just analyze what I saw.

    A few months ago I ran into a shallow but unpleasant problem. Having filled a bunch of pictures for automatic change on the desktop, I set the "Fill" mode, this is the same mode stretching and cropping disproportionate images to the screen resolution. At first, the mode was saved, but after rebooting or exiting hibernation, it reset the “Fill” mode.
    In recent days, the regime has ceased to persist at all.

    Yes, I probably could have turned to forums, articles on large sites near-vindovindovoy - but I wanted to try out Microsoft TP. I decided to act as a user in the “intuitive” interface.

    I decided to use e-mail communication with a response within 24 hours.

    1. Inside the system, I did not find with a cursory glance links, buttons, or anything else that would send me to TP.
    2. Having visited the Microsoft website, I spent 10 minutes searching for TP.
    The circus begins!
    3. First of all, I saw a red inscription in the header of the page, notifying that messages in Russian are temporarily not accepted . Like, write in English or alternatively transliterated. (In my opinion, this is complete nonsense, what kind of problems are there that the encoding of the entire TP has fallen off? Why should I know English or be able to write in transliteration? ) Where to go, I overcame this complexity by writing the name of the ticket and the description on transliteration.
    4. After that, I was asked to enter the product code located in the "Control Panel" -> "System", at the very bottom in the Activation. Ok - I'm copying. Firstly, the text cannot be selected and copied. Secondly, I have a widescreen laptop, so the contents of the "System" fit 60-70% in height in the window. To get to the code you had to scroll down the window. Scrolled, remembered the first 5 characters, switched to the browser. I wrote 5 characters and began to laugh: “Now I’ll be back - and the window has already scrolled up.” Switched to the window - and damn itItself scrolled up. That is, for copying - I had to switch several times on the Alt-Tab and scroll the window.
    5. Next is the classic - you had to enter the code from the sticker on the bottom of the laptop, also not the most fun.

    Thank God the page has not been reset. And the letter went. I would not enter this data again.

    I have a question for Microsoft . Guys, you are very fond of identifying the system for validity and whiteness during updates, why the hell you can not do the same in TP?

    Conclusion (God forbid I will be in 1 million users): TP was originally created only for the most persistent and knowledgeable people, a user who is far from IT technology Will never be able to fill out this form.
    PS By the way, more than a day has passed, there is still no answer from TP.
    PS There are no screenshots, but now there is no time to restore the picture. Therefore, some points may not coincide in the wording, but the general situation is just that.

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