It was cold on this planet.

    Craig was not the first to see a similar picture. The senseless concentration of civilization on itself, ignoring the signs of an impending crisis - until it was too late - all this was typical of creatures of the RXL – 1 type.

    A strong wind was blowing, so Dr. Craig hastened to return to the Ship and continue exploring the frozen planet tomorrow.

    He began to sort out the things he had found for today's sortie. Strange cutting metal construction - surprisingly primitive, for creatures that managed to discover atomic energy for themselves. A few bones of some small organisms found with RXL – 1 skeletons are apparently domesticated creatures.

    And then Craig caught the eye of a complex structure of a metal find. It had the form of metal sheets laid around a common center by an ingenious mechanism (or a craftsman?). Of all the collected items, he reflected only her in the diary with the following words: “It seems that there were towels on this planet, as we have, only their art was not in the formation of plastic creations, but metal ones”.

    Anticipating the impending nuclear winter, Igo Reshin thought that he would remain after him. Before the war, he was a famous writer, copies of his works considered it an honor to receive any large library.

    Standing on a cliff and looking at an approaching cloud, he clutched in his hands a metal rose, which was made to him by a friend working at the factory, and dreamed of eternal glory, like Homer.

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