HP explains why printer ink is so expensive

    Everyone knows that manufacturers of inkjet printers earn the main profit not at all from printers (which can be sold even cheaper than cost), but due to consumables: ink and photo paper. This is a standard business model. The same HP sells a small cartridge for $ 35 and fiercely fights with "fakes" and refillable cartridges, which supposedly print worse and reduce the life of the printer.

    A cost of $ 35 for a bottle of ink is quite reasonable outrage among some consumers who feel cheated. In order for printer salespeople to be prepared to answer uncomfortable user questions, HP chief marketing manager Thom Brown prepared a special presentation for them called “Why are printer inks so expensive?”

    Tom Brown explains that ink is justifiably one of the most expensive fluids on the planet. HP spends $ 1 billion a year on ink research. He cites the results of a study according to which disposable cartridges last longer than refillable cartridges, as well as a survey of 17 users, most of whom are dissatisfied with “garbage ink” (that is, fake). Tom Brown says that companies that sell cheap ink for their printers (such as Kodak) are likely to sacrifice quality and reliability.

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