X-Jumper: new puzzle platformer

    X-Jumper is a very complex, but exciting indie platformer from the domestic developer Platinum Arcade. The game has a number of unique game elements. See the trailer inside the news to get acquainted with the gameplay more clearly.

    The game currently has 12 levels, dynamic gameplay, and a map editor.




    The essence of the game

    In the game you need to collect all the crystals / coins / apples at speed and get to the exit.

    The uniqueness of the gameplay is achieved through the use of a spring floor and special portals. Combining them, you can pass the level in hundreds of ways.

    Similar games

    The game will surely appeal to fans of games such as N , Portal: The flash version and Elasto Mania .

    Down-load a game

    Direct link to the latest version .

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