Results of DevPoint - the first Siberian IT conference

    imageAs we promised , on Saturday, May 22, the first Siberian IT conference with chess and poetesses, DevPoint, took place in Novosibirsk .

    Contrary to our expectations, 5 times more people showed interest in the event than we originally planned. While preparing the conference, we naively expected to gather at least 100 people, but on the very first day after the registration was opened on DevPoint, 450 people registered, another 50 came “by pull” and about 50 more people leaked to the conference without any pull and registration :)

    Of course, not all came in fact, but at rush hour there were about 350 people in the hall: someone listened to reports, someone smoked on the terrace, someone actively chatted with old friends, and someone spammed Twitter. In general, Twitter was the most popular means of communication on this day. It was read by everyone, everywhere and for any reason: "Dude, closed in the push #devpoint, if you read twitter there, go out, please."

    There were those who had attacked the bar in the morning and had already rested by noon . Fortunately, this was only one single comrade, so everything was done without excesses :)

    "Today we all went down in history!" —Vlad Semenov began the first report - “Not only is DevPoint the first conference that takes place in the canteen, but this canteen is also in the form of a bitten donut!”

    Indeed, since the number of participants sharply exceeded our expectations, we had to very quickly look for a replacement conference room for 80 people. And the only acceptable option by date, price and quality turned out to be Mall Food cafe . The room received the participants quite well, and there was no categorically dissatisfied place.

    In other words, judging by the feedback from the participants and their own feelings, the conference was a success! Of course, there were obvious organizational mistakes, they didn’t do much of what they wanted, but this only encourages us to organize the next conference, which will obviously be better and cooler than the current one. Absolutely, this will happen exactly in a year. And perhaps this fall.

    1. Time
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
    5. Five
    6. Six
    Slowly but surely the video (and other materials) are posted on the DevPoint website .

    • 500+ registered participants;
    • 350 people really came to the conference;
    • 5 speakers came from Moscow and St. Petersburg;
    • 1000 delicious cakes were eaten during the day;
    • 20 liters of whiskey is drunk during a whiskey break;
    • 540 minutes of great time;
    • 180 minutes of loose after-party;
    • The bartender had to pay 100 rubles so that he fiddled with the constantly disconnecting DVD every five minutes, through which all the speakers passed :)
    We would be grateful for your feedback, suggestions and wishes.

    For you tried and DoubleGIS . The conference partner is Luxoft Training Center .

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