Google Summer of Code 2010: Coding Starts Today!

    The Google Summer of Code 2010 project is

    launching today . Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is Google’s initiative program, which annually selects open source student projects, and grants are awarded to winners. Only students can participate in the program. Each project receives $ 5,500, of which $ 5,000 goes to the student who completed the project, and $ 500 to his Open Source project.

    This year, 1026 students from 69 countries of the world took part in the project. TOP 10 countries by the number of students accepted this year: USA (197), India (125), Germany (57), Brazil (50), Poland (46), Canada (40), China (39), United Kingdom ( 36), France (35), Sri Lanka (34)
    Russia is not in the TOP 10, but I would like to. Hopefully we will get there soon.

    This year's student projects range from compilers for mobile applications, to APIs for social networks and more. A variety of projects is growing every year. Partners this year include: AbiWord, Apache Software Foundation, Chromium, Debian Project, Drupal, Facebook, Mozilla, Python Software Foundation, Ubuntu, etc. A complete list of projects is here: List all Student Projects .

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