Just5 CP11 - the third youth "grandmother"

    The Russian company Orbita Telecom has prepared the third Just5 model. Just5 CP09 was released at the end of 2009, and Just5 CP10 at the beginning of 2010. The new Just5 CP11 is designed to develop the direction of low-cost phones for the elderly, which, however, are paying attention to youth representatives. image

    According to the press service, Just5 CP11 is liked by those who do not like the multifunctional Apple iPhone. It is stated that in terms of sales in pieces in the first half of the year Just5 bypassed the iPhone in the ION network. No specific figures are given.
    The key element of Just5 CP11 is called the screen. Compared to CP10, it has significantly increased in size - 2.2 "instead of 1.6". When folded, the display is recessed in the case, but it is worth pressing the orange keys as it “jumps out” of the phone’s body. The manufacturer claims that this feature is patented by Orbita Telecom and is not found in any other mobile phone. In CP11, there was also a place for a weather sensor, organizer, advanced menu. Comes with a stand. Just5 family features are saved: large keys, SOS button, loud speaker.
    You can buy Just5 CP11 in Russia in the 3rd quarter. The manufacturer is negotiating with mobile operators in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. An important advantage of Just5 phones is reliability. Over the past 6 months, technical centers have accepted only 3 defective devices from several tens of thousands sold.

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