Tesla and Toyota will make electric cars together

    The American developer of unique sports electric cars Tesla announced a partnership with the world's largest automaker - the Japanese corporation Toyota. The importance and epoch-making of this cooperation cannot be overestimated. In fact, Tesla has at its disposal the world's most developed automobile manufacturing and distribution infrastructure.

    Now we have found out which factory the Model S will be producing in - this will be the recently closed Toyota plant in California.

    At first, the collaboration was that Toyota would invest $ 50 million in Tesla, and electric cars would be launched at the recently closed New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. factory due to the crisis. (Nummi), where previously collected Corolla and Tacoma. This huge and iconic Toyota plant is located in Fremont (California) near Silicon Valley. Its closure hurt not only the 1,000 laid-off employees, but the entire state economy. Experts estimated the damage from closing the plant at about $ 1 billion over the next decade.

    Now Nummi will open again and will release the Tesla Model S sedan, and in the future, other models.

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also attended a press conference on the creation of the joint venture. He promised all sorts of tax benefits to start-ups and buyers of environmental cars.

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