Take part in a charity flash mob

    Friends, as you know, the threads gathered from the world promise a naked shirt.
    Today we urge you to help us in a good and very necessary cause - drawing attention to the Life Line fund, which raises funds to combat child mortality. About 60,000 children die every year in Russia due to the untimely provision of medical care. We can change these scary numbers!

    You can read about the activities of the fund and see the results here .
    Today we ask you to become a link in one chain, that is, to become part of a huge Life Line.

    The fund holds a flash mob campaign in support of the struggle for the life of young children. In order to become part of the Line, you need to take your own photo with outstretched hands, as if you are holding hands next to those standing. upload this photo to the action page and in one click upload the widget with your photo to your own locations: diaries, blogs, LiveJournal and so on. In order to clearly demonstrate to your many friends that you are now part of the Life Line and thereby call them to the same.

    The more people gather in line, the more attention we get from the media, television and people, and the more donations will be collected.

    We urge you to spend literally ten minutes of your precious time and support us in our endeavor! Thank you in advance.

    We have already saved more than 3,000 children. It is in our power to help save as much.

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