Business Incubator Opens

    Hello, Habralyudi!

    Many are waiting for the start of iPad sales in Russia - so are we! While they are not officially sold, we decided to give the opportunity to win an iPad to someone who offers the best name for the new Business Incubator at the Academy of National Economy in Moscow.

    The fact that the incubator "at the academy" does not mean at all that only students, graduates or people associated with the academy will be able to use its capabilities - just the opposite: we will be as open as possible for everyone who is interested in developing their projects, and "academics" will help and support in every way.

    The incubator is just getting ready for the opening (May 27th at the ANH in the Southwest), and I want to make it as useful as possible for future "residents" - entrepreneurs, developers, project authors and everyone who will work there. We hope that the Habrasociety will help us with this - write in comments how you see the “ideal Business Incubator” for your project, what needs to be done to make you want to get there. Do you need incubators at all or do you think that a good project will find its way to the user and resources for development?

    We will try to answer all questions and take into account the wishes when preparing the incubator for opening!

    The name itself is “ Business Incubator at the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation"It seems to us somewhat long and difficult to pronounce and perceive;) Therefore, we are holding a contest for the best name for the Incubator - the author of the name that leaders of the Incubator will like most will receive an iPad from them at the opening on May 27 in a festive atmosphere. There is a reason to try to win it - because Apple will not announce in any way when this device will nevertheless get to Russia, and you can get it already next week!

    Applications for participation in the contest can be submitted on our website:
    There you can also register to participate in a party about the opening of the Incubator on May 27th.

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