It's not too late to win the Imagine Cup - be one of the first to write code for Windows Phone 7!

    Despite the fact that the Russian final of the Imagine Cup competition has already passed , I want to draw the attention of student habituators that not all international categories of the competition are completed. The only competition left at the moment is the Windows Phone 7 RockStar Award , which runs through May 24th . In the framework of this competition, it is necessary to create a prototype application for a Windows Phone 7 that does not yet exist - and not necessarily alone, teams of up to 4 people can participate.
    Despite the fact that the phone itself has not yet come out - it can already be programmed for it under the emulator, using the recently released Visual Studio 2010. Moreover, you have to program using already known technologies, you can choose Silverlight or XNA . Accordingly, if you want to program an application with a traditional beautiful user interface - use Silverlight, and for something more dynamic, with graphics and music - XNA.
    Despite the possible fears, creating a prototype application for Windows Phone 7 is not at all difficult, especially if you have already tried creating sites or applications on the .NET platform. It is very easy to learn how to create applications for Windows Phone 7 using the special Windows Phone 7 Training Kit - it has ready-made code examples, labs and video reports (although only in English so far). Another useful resource isWindows Phone 7 Developer Portal . It is very well told about writing games for Windows Phone 7 in this article on the hub , and also here , and about development on Silverlight is illustrated in the article about creating a twitter application . If you repeat what is shown in these articles and upload the result to, you can already claim success!
    Practice creating your Windows Phone 7 apps to be one of the first to master this technology! Take the designer team to make the interface look attractive, and don't bother with the details! And do not forget to submit your creations to the competition until May 24, 2010.on! The project, which will score the most points in the opinion of the international jury, will receive a guaranteed prize from us - a high-resolution webcam made by Microsoft, like the one shown in the picture above. Well, a non-guaranteed prize for reaching the international final will be $ 8,000 , a summer trip to Warsaw and the Windows Phone 7 device to each participant !
    As in other Imagine Cup competitions, students, graduate students and schoolchildren over 16 years old can participate in this competition.

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