Obama sent a group of nuclear physicists to the oil spill site

    The US presidential administration decided to send a team of five nuclear physicists to study the accident in the Gulf of Mexico. As you know, a real environmental disaster is happening there right now: it’s impossible to stop the flow from an oil well.

    The five-member team includes 82-year-old Richard Garwin, the developer of the first hydrogen bomb, and Tom Hunter, head of the Sandia National Labs research laboratory, which specializes in developing some components of nuclear weapons.

    It is possible that the US authorities are still inclined to the option of a nuclear explosion .

    It is reported that a five-hour meeting was held under the government, in which physicists and other specialists took part. Tony Hayward, president of the oil giant BP, who attended the meeting, said they “delved deeply into the situation and expressed some good ideas, and then settled on one really good idea,” but Hayward declined to say which exactly.

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