Yelpie - protect your sandwich


    Every day we are faced with dozens of situations in which material assets can be stolen. Suppose you left the keys-mobile-wallet to the bank and went splashing around in the Mediterranean Sea, returned - but now you don’t have a phone with a wallet. Similarly, villains can open your cell in the gym, a bag-trunk on a motorcycle, what can I say, even in the office, surrounded by hungry employees, it can be dumb to leave a tasty sandwich.

    The Yelpie waterproof mini-safe will help to avoid such troubles. In a strong box measuring 145x360x145 mm, you can fold anything and securely lock it with a digital lock. However, the question arises: what prevents a bad person from dragging the safe itself - the box only weighs 1.2 kg. However, the developers all envisioned: when you try to move the gadget, Yelpie starts to rattle with a volume of 90 dB. In this case, the alarm does not occur immediately, but only after 2 seconds. This allows the thoughtful thief to quickly put everything in place.

    It costs 45 dollars and is sold here .


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