The results of a survey on the effectiveness of the business processes of “business” and “IT” - who is more optimistic?

    In 2009 - 2010, at a series of trainings for IT companies, an interesting assessment was conducted on their own model of maturity of business processes. We examined various models of company maturity by key parameters (labor productivity, process management, development of information exchange). Participants were asked to fill out questionnaires, on the basis of which some statistics were summed up.

    There were 4 sessions in different cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Saratov. 92 participants. The rating is in the range from 1 (poor) to 9 (excellent).

    Results below:



    1) In general, self-esteem of both IT and business is quite low. Everyone has read business books and knows how it should be, and they rate their results low. Although it may well be that they actually live better than most similar companies.

    2) IT managers more positively evaluate the development of business processes. (I didn’t specially process the results, but imagine that the somtrim range is only 4 to 8 and the difference will be noticeable). Or we can say the opposite - IT is less likely that the business has certain organizational problems.

    3) Regional companies even better evaluate their results (or worse imagine how it could be in the ideal case).

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