Results of the Habra contest for Visual Studio 2010


    The contest for the best article , dedicated to the world premiere of Visual Studio 2010 , has come to an end. It was time to take stock, there were enough participants, all the articles were interesting. However, we need to select only three main winners, and here they are:

    1st place

    Posted by DioNNiS
    Subject: “Working with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010” .

    2nd place

    Author: logonoff
    Topic of the article: “We write games for Windows Phone in Visual Studio 2010” .

    3rd place

    Author: Int
    Subject of the article: “In this article I will try to briefly describe all the innovations in VS 2010 regarding innovations in the interface, since for the developer this is exactly what he deals with most of the time .

    All participants of the competition will receive commemorative habrafootballs - of your choice!
    The three main winners will become the owners of the licensed version of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with an annual subscription to the MSDN service.

    Each participant (and winners) of the competition will receive a habrafootball. To do this, go to the website , choose a shirt and send the following data to the mudhoney user :

    - Link to the product;
    - Sex (m / f);
    - The size;
    - color of the product;
    - The color of the inscription;

    To receive their prizes, participants must send the following information about themselves to

    - Country:
    - City:
    - Postal code:
    - Street:
    - House:
    - Building / Building:

    - Name (full).

    Congratulations to the winners! And many thanks to all the participants!

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