FroYo - what do we already know about her? Summarize information and rumors

    In anticipation of the official announcement, various details surfaced about the new version of the Android operating system, despite Google’s best efforts to keep them secret.

    FroYo (short for frozen yogurt ), is the latest version of the operating system from Google at the moment. It is also named after the dessert, following Eclair (Eclair, 2.0 / 2.1), Donut (Donut, 1.6) and Cupcake (Cupcake, 1.5). Android 2.2 is expected to be unveiled at the Google I / O conference , which will be held May 19 and 20.

    Phones based on Android 2.2 will be able to "distribute" the Internet via USB and act as a Wi-Fi access point. It is not yet clear whether the availability of these functions will depend on the mobile operator, and whether they will charge extra for them (I recall that At & T has not yet officially activated this feature for the iPhone).
    I wonder what Google will do - just make this functionality part 2.2 or leave it to the operators?

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    Even if operators do not want to enable tethering, there will remain expanded, full support for Adobe Flash , which will become a useful feature for fans of Internet surfing.

    In addition, a significant performance increase is expected in version 2.2, approximately up to 450%, although there is reason to believe that performance testing was not entirely objective. Also on

    Developer forums are rumored that in version 2.2, users will finally be able to install software on a memory card . This function is lacking for many, especially those who like to install more programs.

    And also the information slipped that in Android 2.2 there will be an auto-update of applications, completely autonomous, not requiring user participation.

    However, it is still unknown on which devices it will be possible to upgrade the firmware to the FroYo version. The first candidate for this role will obviously be the Nexus One , as This device is manufactured under the Google brand. For phones with modified firmware (for example, HTC devices, in particular Desire, Nexus One twin brother) a new firmware version may come out a bit later, to say the least.

    Well, wait for the Google I / O and find out which rumors are justified and which are not. In addition, Google probably stocked a couple of pleasant surprises for users.

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