Competition for IT Journalists

    Dear Habrauser!

    You are the author of top posts, legends are written about you, your opinion is a new look at what is happening. Or maybe you're a journalist?

    We are in a hurry to inform you that together with ROCIT we have established an award in the field of IT journalism. You may already have heard about this at the last RIF + CIB conference.

    Each journalist of socio-political publications working with topics of electronic commerce, IT, software, can become a laureate of the Prize.

    The main criteria for evaluating your publications are the relevance of the topic, the author’s literacy, practical benefit for the reader, objectivity, the presence of diverse expert opinions, the format of the presentation of the material.

    The materials provided for the contest should not only be relevant, but also useful to the reader. Of course, the necessary condition is objectivity. A plus for the author will be the presence in the material of diverse expert opinions and the “readability” of the material.

    Competitive work will be evaluated by a jury composed of prominent Internet figures and media representatives.

    The platform for summing up its results was determined by the conference “RIF + CIB”.

    Of course, we will not consider advertising articles, as well as publications that are openly custom-made in nature.

    Good luck in your hard work - educating the people!

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