The workplace of the system administrator, php programmer, PR specialist, advertising and much more that you have to do as the head of your own small regional portal is very sensitive to convenience, but not at all sensitive to the operating system. Computers, OSes (xp, vista, windows7, ubuntu, mac os) change easily and naturally, and browser-mail-ssh-icq-phpide software continues to work without causing brain cancer every time with its innovations.

    Experimenting with thin clients, monitors, keyboards, I reached nirvana :)


    mac book pro MB990 with up to 4GB of memory, Rain Design mStand stand, 24 'monitor in my case, viewsonic vg2427wm and racially-faithful keyboard and mouse.

    After a series of rb, hp, acer, asus, two months of pleasure from working in the new environment. Although, of course, if you forget about the cost of this software and hardware complex. But if you forget about the price, for example, my three-year-old daughter walked on a closed laptop and he honestly passed the test with dignity, I think this is a very good plus for mb pro.

    And from the perspective of a switcher ... I'm not a typical representative of this environment, my environment is an ssh client, netbeans as php ide, ff, opera, jabber, thunderbird, openoffie, dia, gimp, cross-platform initially.

    Well, this post was not created for the purpose of being K.O., but for the purpose of conveying a simple truth that it is not always worth trying to bend the changing world :) Are you tired, sometimes get tired to customize the environment for yourself, you just want to work comfortably.

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