HP webOS-based “hurricane” tablet may go on sale in Q3

    Ever since HP bought Palm , rumors began to circulate that they would release a webOS-based tablet.

    According to many insiders, this is more than real. One HP insider told examiner.com that the tablet, code-named Hurricane (Hurricane), may go on sale in the third quarter of this year.

    Not too long ago, HP boasted of its Win7-based Slate, which was supposed to be the “iPad killer,” but recent reports suggest that the HP Slate can only become the killer itself .

    “The device is really interesting, but it works like a turtle,” says Paul Miller, an analyst from Los Angeles. “I think they could release something with a more powerful processor, but that would lead to more battery consumption.” Like us, Miller is looking forward to the HP Hurricane. "If the rumors come true, this device can really become a" killer "- webOS is great as an operating system for a tablet."

    via examiner.com

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