Bank staff incompetence

    Recently I went to Promsvyazbank to order a card from them and finally get rid of webmoney and switch to a more civilized payment system. I ordered a revenue card that seemed to me profitable, inexpensive to maintain (200 rubles a year) and most importantly, the nearest branch with an ATM was a 5-minute walk from my house.

    I was offered to activate the SMS-informing service, but because This is a debit
    card, I refused it. In fact, I only need a card for operations via the Internet.

    Yesterday I needed to urgently renew several domains, but there was no money left on the cards. I had to go to Promsvyazbank, put money into my debit “income card”.

    He returned home, went to the website of his registrar, extended all the domains that needed it and went for a walk and was never surprised that there was no SMS informing . The next day, I barely logged into my personal account on the bank’s website and was surprised to find that in addition to the amount for the extension, $ 9 was charged from the card for SMS informing and $ 25 was paid for card service. Frantically rushed to the phone and called the round-the-clock technical support.

    Next I bring the dialogue with the operator:
    - Hello. Please, explain to me how $ 9 was deducted from my card for SMS information and 25 for card service, whereas it should cost 200 rubles. When issuing the card, I refused to receive SMS informing, but you connected it to me, and when I paid for the service yesterday, I did not see any SMS on my phone due to debiting money from the account.
    - Your card number, last name, first name, middle name and secret word?
    - xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx, ***** ****** ****** and **********.
    - Thank you, that's right. Wait a minute, please. ... $ 25 was withdrawn from you for servicing a Mastercard Standart name card and it could not cost 200 rubles in any way, because so many non-registered cards cost.
    - How is this possible? I took a card that cost 200 rubles, but it turned out that it costs $ 25. You tore off $ 25 from me and connected a paid service, which I refused and tore off another $ 9, and your paid information did not reach me when I deducted money from my account.
    - “Not by registered cards” you cannot make transactions via the Internet. SMS informing did not come, because the number is not specified. Did you indicate your mobile phone number in the office ?
    - Yes, of course I did, now you should indicate the number in any profile. But I refused SMS informing, because I do not need it. I ordered a debit card, because I put as much money into the account as I will spend on a particular operation. I need to buy a t-shirt for $ 25, I go to an ATM and put $ 25 on my card.
    -You need to go to the office and indicate the phone number in order to activate the SMS informing service.
    - I can’t refuse this service and return the money?
    - It’s more profitable for you to indicate the number. Money is not returned.
    - Good. I will take measures upon the robbery, I will report to the police.
    - Good. Bye.

    As a result, for the usual DEBIT MasterCard Standart, I paid $ 25 and $ 9 for an option I did not need, which I hadn’t connected yet. Card issuing and SMS informing in many banks are provided free of charge.

    To be honest, I’m very sorry for the money, I don’t earn so much money to lose $ 30 at a time and I can not afford to sue, because I’ll spend even more and achieve nothing. In general, I am surprised how they connected the SMS-informing service to me without indicating my number? How do they have the right to talk about one thing and sell another?

    From this office Sharashkina left an unpleasant aftertaste. Be vigilant, even such large banks are capable of doing such that even a contract does not help you return the money.

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