Novosibirsk to host DevPoint IT Conference

    imageMay, and indeed the whole year, is traditionally rich in various conferences. Including for developers. However, almost all of them take place in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and parties do not reach the regions.

    This year we decided to improve the situation and organized our own IT conference with chess and poetesses.

    DevPoint is a conference of web developers, although a variety of programmers, testers, team leaders and project managers have already shown interest in it .

    The following will deliver their reports at the conference:
    1. Application development for Facebook , Anton Rusakov ( , Moscow)
    2. What and why is it worth writing in Erlang? , Maxim Lapshin (Evil Martians company, Moscow)
    3. Application development for smartphones , Igor Shcherbakov (Shamrock Mobile, Novosibirsk)
    4. Test Automation We share our experience , Vitaliy Kulpin (DublGIS, Novosibirsk)
    5. Distributed version control systems , Vladislav Semenov (developer, Novosibirsk)
    6. Dispatching system by the example of , Peter Zagvazdin (Alawar Entertainment, Novosibirsk)
    7. Human problems of IT managers , Alexander Orlov (founder of , St. Petersburg)
    8. Modern solutions for building high-performance web systems , Andrey Shetukhin (head of mail at Rambler, Moscow)
    9. NoSQL repositories, general overview with theory , Kirill Korinsky (research engineer at Yota, St. Petersburg)
    For Novosibirsk, this is the first (after the Siberian Internet week , of course) specialized conference, and we hope that it will become traditional and next year will be held not in one day, but in several.


    Date: May 22, 2010.
    Venue: Novosibirsk, conference hall on Lenin 52 , from 10:00.
    Cost of participation: free.

    All details on the site

    conference organizers: and DoubleGIS .

    Update: Registration is closed, that's all. 4 times more people registered than we planned, so we don’t register anymore. It is better to hold a high-quality event for 500 people than poorly for 1000.

    All materials (photos and video reports) will be posted on the conference site

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