Review of headphones Sennheiser CX-180 Street II

    I offer you an overview of the latest model (2009) of in-ear headphones from the notorious Sennheiser. It's about the CX-180 Street II .


    The Sennheiser CX-180 Street II in-ear headphones fit all portable devices with the standard gold-plated 3.5mm jack. Excellent isolation from external noise, which makes it possible to use the CX-180 Street II even in very noisy places. Sennheiser CX-180 features balanced sound with an emphasis in the field of low frequencies.


    Headphones are packed in a plastic box. My packaging is now in poor condition, so I took a photo from the Internet.
    On the front part we see many beautiful words (and even in Russian!), The headphones themselves and interchangeable ear pads, you will not find anything else in the box. It’s a pity that they didn’t put a leather case like the CX-300, but it could be useful. The coloring of the headphone case is only one - silver-black. The ear pads are soft and durable, of good quality.


    Yandex Market: from 775 to 920 rubles,
    DoctorHead: 980 rubles,
    Pleer: 775 rubles.

    Prices are different everywhere, although I bought them relatively cheaply - for 800 rubles.




    I bought these headphones to listen to music through the phone and expected good sound from them, because This is the youngest model of the already famous CX-300. A good sound was waiting, a good sound was received. The design of the body made me very happy, they sit in my ears like “dug in”. With long listening ears do not get tired. Noise isolation at a high level. A couple of times the phone fell out of my hands and hung on the wire, but the headphones did not fly out of my ears. The case is durable, I already managed to sit on them and drop them a couple of times, but at least henna for them. The wire is flexible, symmetrical, from frost and sweat does not tan, the length is enough. The plug is L-shaped and it annoys me the most, with my phone (Nokia 5230) it’s not convenient at all.

    The sound is powerful, saturated with low frequencies (this is the main advantage of these headphones), which sometimes even lays ears, but there are dips at high frequencies and begin to wheeze at high volume. In general, the sound is decent. The best for this price is not to come up.


    - Case design
    - Price
    - Noise isolation
    - Sound
    - Design
    - No fakes
    - 2 year warranty

    - L-shaped plug
    - Weak kit

    My rating is 4.5 out of 5 points, but in fact there are no shortcomings with these headphones. In this price category, this model has no competitors, the next level is the CX-300 ...
    PS My first attempt to write reviews, do not kick much.

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