Hugo Chavez intends to set a record for followers

    The notorious Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez yesterday registered on Twitter , which received the status of “Verified” and immediately began to type followers at a speed of 100 people per minute. In the first day, the number of followers exceeded 120,000, which is even ahead of the schedule of even Bill Gates, who for several months after registration has not yet reached the level of 800,000.

    Popularity leaders Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher are now approaching 5 million followers, Barack Obama has 3 , 8 million, but the Venezuelan leader is going to get ahead of them. “I’m sure that he will be able to set a record for the number of followers,” said Chavez’s spokeswoman in an interview with Bloomberg.

    Interestingly, immediately after registering, Hugo Chavez posted a welcome tweet and framed Fidel Castro.

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