Sony will answer in court for the removal of the "Other OS"

Original author: Stewart Meagher
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A California-based PS3 user has filed a class action lawsuit against Sony over the removal of the Other OS feature. The lawsuit is being created in order to recover damages from Sony for “internationally cutting back on the significant functionality claimed in the Sony PlayStation 3 console ad.” The lawsuit states that this cutback in functionality violates the offer between Sony and its customers and is “an unfair and misleading millions of unsuspecting customers”

company apologizes, but says that this is a logical move to combat piracy.
Sony is trying to hide behind the EULA, believing that pressing a button on the screen (most often a child) can replace laws.
At least one user has received a refund from Amazon after complaining that his PS3 is no longer doing what it was originally intended to do. After that, Sony said it would not reimburse retailers for user compensation costs.

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