Almost AIBO. According to tradition, the next job for the IT department was allocated a disgusting room. Despite the fact that it was large and in principle comfortable, it had a number of shortcomings. Somehow - the lack of windows and the fact that the office was a passage. And if the second one could still be reconciled, the lack of windows ... and the presence of 4 employees + couriers who came to sit did the air in the room not just stale, but completely devoid of oxygen.

    Constantly working air conditioner improved conditions a little - the cold air created the illusion that it was fresh. But it definitely didn’t increase the oxygen content, which sometimes led to ... certain mental disorders :)

    And then one day, when we were sitting in the office during the day, it was still far from lunch and there was nothing to do - a wandering glance came across a cardboard dog sitting under the ceiling from a box with a Zyxel modem. No one remembers how she appeared there - she was always there.

    With the help of a chair, one of the admins, such a mother, and improvised tools, the dog was removed from the ceiling and subjected to the execution of modernization. The painted eyes were cut out and two bulbs (OSRAM H4) were inserted from the headlights of my car. The neighbor did not work on one of them, so they were replaced, and for some reason lay on the table. :)

    After that, the dog was installed on the edge of the table, and in front of it a loose broken disk from the ASUS M2N-E motherboard was poured in bulk (and what else should the robot dog eat?). However, the picture remained incomplete, so the mid-life power supply was removed from the zashnik and the bulbs were powered by 5 volts in the high beam mode (at first they were powered by 12V, but they tried to explode from such brightness).

    Unfortunately, due to circumstances, the project did not have time to develop - the plans were to attach a video camera with a motion sensor and a voice module. Therefore, the dog performed two main functions - it maintained in the office the reputation of the IT department as exceptional moronsmentally disabled persons and being turned on, she defended our brain during regular visits of our IT director, whose favorite pastime was to sit nearby and generate a stream of consciousness that, from his point of view, was gushing with brilliant ideas, and with ours, destroying our brain with its senselessness and unprofessionalism.

    I hope the dog is still alive and faithfully serves those who replaced us in a difficult post ...

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